Minsar by Opuscope : from Creative Lab North America to Magic Leap

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This year, Magic Leap Independent Creator Program has selected – among other startups – French startup Opuscope, which developed Minsar, a 3D content management system that allows creators to build immersive experiences to share with others. Magic Leap is an American spatial computing startup which developed a lightweight, wearable computer that enriches experience in the real world with digital content, in everything from commerce and entertainment to communications and productivity.

In 2018, Minsar participated in the Creative Lab North America, during which eight French companies went through training with North American experts and professionals to learn about the markets and business practices there. They prepared their development project and made it appealing to future partners, the success of which is made apparent by Minsar’s selection by Magic Leap. The Creative Lab was formed by a partnering of Business France and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. It is the first program for innovative French tech companies working in the culture, entertainment, creative, leisure and travel industries.

Minsar's aim is to make creation in mixed reality more accessible for those with little expertise in the field. The platform provides users with a collaborative creation environment and allows for their creations to be readily available. To get get selected in the Independent Creator Program, among thirty other creators Minsar competed with a pool of 6,500 applicants. The program will provide grants to the startups ranging from 20,000 to 500,000 dollars. Minsar plans on using the funds received from this grant to develop their immersive editor for the Magic Leap One device.

Read the French American Creative LAB 2017 report:

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