Let's change the way we debate!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Debate is a central dimension of the After Tomorrow season. In order to make them more dynamic, we believe it is essential to work simultaneously on both the content and the form. If the conditions in which the discourse is produced don’t change, then the discourse and the way it is received cannot change either.

It is why the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, Tropisme Festival in Montpellier, the European Lab in Lyon and Institut Français have decided to collaborate with technical partner Eyedo to develop the “After Tomorrow platform”, a 360° interactive platform dedicated to debates. Thanks to an interface allowing to stream debates in 360° live or in replay, Internet users will be able to choose their own point of view, interact with speakers via chat or social media… Whether in situ or online, the goal is to break with the authoritarian dimension of discourse in order to encourage the emergence of liberated speech and co-constructed contents.

The After Tomorrow platform was first tested in San Francisco (on May 3, 2018 in the context of the CalAcademy’s NightLife curated by Mutek Festival and After Tomorrow), then in Lyon (May 7-9, 2018 at European Lab’s Forum), Montpellier (Halle Tropisme), and will soon be extended to other cities including Paris and New York.

This interface intends to become the reference platform in terms of debates that will be:

  • Open: putting an end to authoritarian forms of debate by working on circulation of speech (between the speakers and the moderator, but also with the public), on the very form of debate (the way exchanges are laid out is essential – round room, no stage), as well as on renewing the speakers and confronting perspectives (give voice to people who don’t know each other…)

  • Accessible: optimizing financial and human resources needed when producing debates (number of technicians, recording and streaming equipment…)

  • Shared: inviting people to share on social media and online thanks to an enriched streaming and a personalized perspective.

  • Referenced: keeping records through the creation of a resource platform dedicated to debates about innovation, foresight, and, more broadly, critical thinking.

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