Julien Prévieux in San Francisco for "My Mother's Maiden Name"

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Fruit of the first-time collaboration between the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Root Division, Julien Prévieux will be part of the group exhibition "My Mother's Maiden Name", on show from June 5 to June 29, 2019, which addresses the theme of online privacy and digital data.

Introducing Julien Prévieux's portfolio, MUDAM Luxembourg curator Christophe Gallois said: "Work, management, economics, politics, control systems, state-of-the-art technologies and the culture industry are the many ‘worlds’ that Julien Prévieux’s activities involve. As in his Lettres de non-motivation (Non-Application Letters) that he has been sending out to employers regularly since 2004 – in which he responds to newspaper work ads and details his reasons for not applying to the jobs in question – his work often appropriates the vocabulary, mechanisms and modus operandi of the sectors by which it is informed, the better to highlight their dogmas, excesses and, when all is said and done, their vacuousness. By shrewdly adopting the stance of an individual facing whole swathes of society that are, in many respects, dehumanized, Prévieux develops a strategy of counterproductivity, or what the philosopher Elie During called, in a recent essay about the artist’s praxis, ‘counter-employment’".

This depiction of Prévieux's ambitions and methods is once again confirmed with Prévieux's latest group exhibition, My Mother's Maiden Name, which will be presented at Root Division (San Francisco) from June 5 to June 29, 2019. For curator Tanya Gayer, "My Mother’s Maiden Name analyzes the governance of individual history seen in security questions and implements this question and answer protocol as a precedent to discuss online authorship, culture-construction, and systems of knowledge. The selected artists take a considered approach to the fragility of memory and identity amongst digital data noise to account for information that cannot be quantified through such constructs like security systems". The exhibition will be showing the works of Terry Berlier, Michelle Bonilla Garcia, Kira Dominguez-Hultgren, Joty Dhaliwal, Sarah Lee, Kim Miskowicz, Margaret Nobel, Yetunde Olagbaju, Mimi Onuoha, Deborah Stein, tamara suarez porras and Julien Prévieux.

Kira Dominguez Hultgren, Across_1, 2018, Phillip Maisel Photography

On June 20, 2019 from 6:30 to 8:30pm, Prévieux will be in discussion with tamara suarez porras, Joty Dhaliwal and Kira Dominguez to exchange on the different artists' artworks and the relationship to the theme of online security, memory and history making. The talk will be moderated by curator Tanya Gayer.

Prévieux was warded the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2014. His artistic process infiltrates several media from 3D computer software - for instance in his 2015 video Patterns of Life which presents an analytical history of movement - to live performance in What Shall We Do Next?, a performance on patented gestures. Prévieux does not only master a very different set of techniques but is also a prolific artist: in 2014, he used a telephoto lens to photograph Google’s Los Angeles offices and create Today Is Great. In 2015, Previeux created Pickpocket, a sculpture in brushed aluminum, medium density fiberboard, oak veneer which reflected the movements of a pickpocket. In 2019, in addition to "My Mother's Maiden Name", Prévieux will have exhibitions in Bucarest, Bremen in Germany, San Sebastian and Paris.

What's next for Julien Prévieux?

June 5 to June 29, 2019: "My Mother's Maiden Name" at Root Division (San Francisco).

"My Mother's Maiden Name" is free, open to the public, and includes a Creative Station - an all ages art activities session hosted during the 2nd Saturday opening reception on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

June 20, 2019: from 6:30 to 8:30pm, panel discussion with the artists at Root Division (San Francisco).

Root Division is a visual arts non-profit that connects creativity and community through a dynamic ecosystem of arts education, exhibitions, and studios.Root Division's mission is to empower artists, promote community service, inspire youth, and enrich the Bay Area through engagement in the visual arts.Root Division’s vision is to be a model of creative excellence, sustainability, and collaboration as it empowers emerging artists to amplify art’s positive impact on society.

May 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020: Gigantisme, Art & Industrie, organized by FRAC Grand Large.

April 19, 2019 to July 14, 2019: Species of Spaces at The National Museum of Art of Romania.

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