Jean-Claude Mourlevat’s Quest for Inspiration in San Francisco

Multi-prized French youth novelist Jean-Claude Mourlevat will be the next pensioner of artistic residency A Room With A View, from October 2, 2019nto November 9, 2019rd. In addition of seeking the inspiration in San Francisco, Jean-Claude Mourlevat will also take the opportunity of his stay in the city to participate in the Litquake festival, more specifically at Litcrawl event on October 19. The author will also visit Seattle and Portland

First time(s) for Jean-Claude Mourlevat

Used to work and write from his desk, or more surprisingly in trains, the upcoming A Room With A View residency will be a premiere for Jean-Claude Mourlevat who, despite writing since 1998, never benefited before of such an opportunity. Disrupting his writing habits will be a way for the author to renew his inspiration and focus on the essence of his work. Furthermore, it will also be Mourlevat’s first time in California, a place to which he has a special relationship: Mourlevat describes his generation has having been “shaked” in the late 1960s by the disrupting vibes coming from the Golden State. This admiration for California, he says, never left him and continues to inspire him.

A reflection to feed

Mourlevat’s time at the residency will be dedicated to his upcoming novel, on which he is currently working. In the same vein as his three previous novels, Le Combat d’hiver, Le Chagrin du roi mortand Terrienne, his new plot will revolve around a young heroine struggling with urban life. A city as vibrant and shaped by so many dynamics as San Francisco will, for sure, feed his reflection on the place people, and artists, should claim in such environment.

An occasion to exchange

If Jean-Claude Mourlevat’s stay at the residency will provide plenty of time for him to write, it will also create a perfect opportunity to exchange with his readers on several occasions. Mourlevat will indeed attend the Litquake Festival (whick takes places from October 10thto October 19th), climaxing for him with the closing event of the Festival, the Litcrawl, to which he will take part.

The Litcrawl 2018 edition

Jean-Claude Mourlevat’s will also get the chance to explore and meet his audience beyond the Bay Area, with a visit to Seattle and Portland at the end of October.

A Room with a View was created in 2017 through a collaborative effort between the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco and the French American Cultural Society, in partnership with Institut Français.

This program is made possible thanks to the support of and Mélanie and Pete Flint.

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