Curator Kalie Granier talks about PULSIONS ahead of its Oakland Stage

After San Francisco (836m) and Santa Cruz (MAH) in March 2019, exhibition Pulsions, curated by French artist Kalie Granier, will be presented at Oakland’s Pro Arts gallery from October 4th to November 1st. Ahead of the Opening Reception (open to all from 6 to 9pm on Friday, October 4th), Kalie Granier kindly answered a few questions about art, the meaning of Pulsions, and her own vision of After Tomorrow.

After Tomorrow: What does “Pulsions” mean for you?

Kalie Granier: Pulsions is a reflection on the French artistic identity within a US context, and more particularly here in California. My hope is to bring new perspectives to the audience by showing a diverse group of artists, each of them influenced by their own culture, medium, vision, and activism. In this way, I want to contribute to the dialogue between France and the US.

AT: Why did you choose an itinerant path for Pulsions, throughout the Bay Area and in places as different as downtown San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Cruz?

KG: The idea of a tour exhibition was to share it with distinct people and communities. Although geographically close, the publics from 836M Gallery (San Francisco), MAH Museum (Santa Cruz) and ProArts Gallery (Oakland) are in fact quite different and varied. It is very interesting to see how people react in the different locations and the various types of discussion it triggers.

AT: Are itinerant and interactive art the future of art?

KG: Itinerancy and interactivity are great means to reach a broader audience and engage with the spectators in new and appealing ways. I believe it's a trend that will continue to expand and shape art happenings and exhibitions in the future. I think a more pertinent path would be to explore art as collaborative force, rallying and mobilizing different groups and bringing together art out of the traditional settings.

AT: What would your “after tomorrow” look like?

KG: My after tomorrow is LOUD SPRING.

LOUD SPRING is the rise of a 21st-century art activist movement sparking creativity to spread social and environmental consciousness. Loud Spring is an interactive series happening in the Bay Area and around the world in the form of public art happenings, transdisciplinary experiments, and collaborative events promoting women’s rights, social and environmental justice through creativity. Loud Spring will present art happenings series, including workshops with students, art performances in public places, talks, exhibitions, an art walk, and more. Please stay tuned and join us soon!

AT : Thank you Kalie for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the best for your future projects!

Pulsions will be shown at the ProArts Gallery in Oakland, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, from October 4th to November 1st. The Opening Reception, from 6 to 9pm on October 4th, will be open to all!

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