After Tomorrow: Season Launch!

On March14, 2018 The French consulate in San Francisco, the Cultural and Scientific Services of the French Embassy in the United States, French Tech San Francisco, the Institut Français and the French American Cultural Society (FACS) have officially launched After Tomorrow! The exhibition "After Tomorrow" - on show at the French Residence until August 31, 2018 and curated by re.riddle - was also inaugurated.

After Tomorrow Season Launch | March 14, 2018 | French Residence

© Boris Labbé | Kyrielle

© HongtaoZhou | Textscapes

© Mark Baugh-Sasaki | Landscape and Smoke (Bay Leaves)

Into the Nearness of Distance XI | Performance by Summer Lee

© Photos by Angélique Cheronnet


Speech delivered by Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens on the occasion of the After Tomorrow season launch:

"Good evening everyone!

Welcome to the French Residence for the launch of our new cultural season.

What a pleasure to see friends from so many different backgrounds

gathered together tonight: art, science, academia, tech. With such diversity,

we have already achieved one of our goals, and this is wonderful.

With all of you, we would like, throughout this season, to imagine what our

world will be “after tomorrow”. Indeed, as time accelerates, and innovation

constantly disrupts our lives, especially here on the West Coast, it is

tempting to say that today is already tomorrow. But who knows what our

lives will look like after tomorrow?

Born in the Silicon Valley, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping not

only our production methods, but also the core structure of our societies, of

relationships, of artistic expression and even humans’ relation to their own

condition. The most discussed question is the future of work, but there are

many other interrogations:

Will our lives be what is imagined today in science-fiction novels, films

and series?

How will machines and humans trust each other? Will we make new

rights for robots?

How will virtual reality be used in arts?

How will humanity stick together if some of us move to other planets

due to the rarefaction of resources?

How will musicians use artificial intelligence to compose new forms of

music? Will machines become new artists?

What global decision making processes would be relevant to adopt

radical technologies for example changing the planet axis or solar

radiation to correct our climate?

These are some of the many questions we would like to raise with you

during this season. They deal with science, arts, technology, economy,

sociology and politics. Of course, we’re not the first and only ones to ask

them, far from that. However, we would like, with your help, to build a

unique approach, with two strategies.

The first one: stop thinking in silos. Entrepreneurs, scientists, artists,

writers, academics: you all have a thing to say but there are not so many

opportunities to exchange together. We would like to transcend disciplines,

promote a dialogue between art, technology and science, and build bridges

between French and American communities. Because we believe that

diversity, cross-pollination and, first and foremost, mutual understanding,

are the necessary ingredients to nurture fruitful and forward-thinking

conversations. For example, a discussion between engineers and

science-fiction authors could lead to interesting ideas on how we foresee the

consumers’ tastes regarding the interior design of an autonomous car or

even a flying car. Other example: many mathematicians and data scientists

still have to discover what visual artists and musicians have already created

with the use of data.

To be fully multidisciplinary, this season is initiated collectively by all actors

representing France and working for intercultural exchanges in the region of

San Francisco: the French Consulate, the Scientific and Cultural services of

the French Embassy in the United States, the French American Cultural

Society and the French Tech San Francisco. Together, we would like to

represent the face of French innovation and carry a vision where the values

of creativity, openness, togetherness and solidarity prevail.

Our second strategy is to favor multiple forms of expression, from exhibits

and performances to conferences and concerts. We are extremely privileged

to work with the organizations you represent, in all their diversity. We are

proud to team every day with the leading artistic, scientific and

technological figures of San Francisco, the Silicon Valley, the East Bay,

Portland and Seattle. You are the vital force and the vibrant fabric of this

region, those who have a deep understanding of people and territories."

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