As time accelerates and innovation constantly reinvents our daily habits, we firmly believe it is essential to slow down and take the time. We also think it is crucial to (re)invite artists, in all their diversity, in the heart of our cities. 

This is why we provide artists from all fields - literature, music, cinema, design, arts & tech - with an artistic residency where they get the opportunity to research, create and collaborate with entrepreneurs, scientists and artistic communities.



We also strongly believe in the importance of bringing people together, of bridging cultures and connecting artists with people and local communities.​

Following the research and creation phases, comes the performing one, the expression of the art.

It is through performance and interaction that engagement arises. It is because the performance challenges or reinforces our presumptions and perspectives that we want - and need - to engage.


Silicon Valley is at the very root of the social changes that impact the evolution of the world we live in. We believe that it is together, through interdisciplinary and international dialogue, that we will best confront and engage in the contemporary challenges of our societies: creation, inclusiveness, diversity, sustainable development and technological innovation.

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